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I feel like a rock star

Posted on: August 28, 2007

First pair of socks! 

I just finished my very first pair of socks! People, you just don’t know what kind of accomplishment this is for me. Up until now, the only things I have knitted are scarves (and a clapotis… which is basically a BIG scarf). So I am feeling way cool about myself and about these socks.



5 Responses to "I feel like a rock star"

Awesome! Congrats on your first socks! It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it! They look great! I love the stripiness! 🙂

I knew you could do it 😉

Now, if only everyone else knew the filthy words that came out of your mouth while you were trying to make the first one… 😉

Who? Moi? We all know that I am completely incapable of uttering filthy words. 😉

Oh yeah, pure as the fresh driven snow, you are 😉

So can you wear those with shoes, or are they too thick? Shall we get you some Birkenstocks so you can be a hand-knitted sock hippie chick? 😉

Chut up – you’re just as addicted to socks as I am… because we’re practically twins. Well, with the exception of our differing musical tastes. Seriously, when did you get so weird? 😉

And, yes, they’re thin enough to wear with shoes. And, no, you will never catch me wearing Birkenstocks. So there.

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