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My Encounter With “The Harlot”

Posted on: September 19, 2007

Last night Twisted Yarns hosted The Yarn Harlot at Carl Wunsche Senior High.  As expected, she was every bit as entertaining in person as she is in her books.  Perhaps even more so??  I attended the event with Denise, my best friend’s mom.  (You know, the best friend nutjob that lives in Oz??)  I won’t bore you with all the small details, but will leave you with some photos instead.  Enjoy.  🙂


A very dark photo of The Yarn Harlot.  Sorry, y’all… I was near the back of the room and this was the best my little camera could do.


Denise waiting in line to have books signed for J.


Fuzzy photo of Denise and me waiting to have our books signed.  (Plus other random knitters.  LOOK!  Knitting while standing!  AMAZING!)


The YH signing one of the books for J.  Both have a rather unique inscription inside… But I’m keeping that a secret.  😉


Mark Twain even paid the Harlot a visit!


My sock and I say hello while I am getting my books signed.


And my favorite photo of the evening.  The Harlot saw my sock, stands up, thrusts her sock into my hand, takes mine and sings “SWAPSIES!!”.  So we swapped socks for a little photo op.  DUDE!  I swapped socks with the Yarn Harlot!  😀


3 Responses to "My Encounter With “The Harlot”"

OK – the jealousy that I am experiencing right now cannot be described in words, but I will try…


Wonderful photos!! Wasn’t she a blast? I enjoyed her visit so much – I love the last photo the best.

Heehee! I love that last photo! Man, the Harlot ROCKS! I’m so glad you made it to the event; we have to actually meet up in person someday! 😀

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