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Posted on: October 2, 2007


As a celebration of my newly acquired sock knitting skills (woo!  knitting socks rocks!), I have decided to participate in Socktoberfest.  If you’re like me, and you’re thinking… “Sounds fun!  But what the heck is Socktoberfest anyway?” click here to get a good idea.  You can also read up about it from the group on Ravelry.

My goals for this month are simple:

  1. Finish my “By the Power of Greyskull” socks. 
  2. Finally make the spiral boot socks from IK.  I’ll be using the Mama Llama sock yarn I bought a few months ago that have been mocking me from the stash pile.  “Ooh!  Look at me!  Aren’t I the prettiest, softest yarn you’ve ever seen?  Don’t you wish you’d hurry up and finish those stinkin’ Greyskull socks so you can play with me??” 
  3. And most importantly, I will be making a pair of socks for Maggie.  I’m not sure what pattern I will use yet, but I have a couple in mind.
  4. As for non sock-related goals, I will also start making the clapotis for my sister-in-law.    

So that’s it!  That’s my goal list for Socktober.  I tried to keep it light since a) I am still a “newbie” when it comes to sock knitting and b) I really need to make a dent in my Christmas pile o’ projects. 



2 Responses to "Socktoberfest"

OMG! You took the beer stein off the ManShelf ™!

Hahahaha! Yes, but I did it while Hubbyface was out of the house. 😉

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