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I need some help…

Posted on: October 7, 2007

This weekend, as part of my goals for Socktober, I attempted to start a pair of Rainbow Socks from Magknits.  These socks are intended to be a pair of gift socks for Maggie.  But I’ve run into a teensy weensy little snag… the pattern does not make one lick of sense to me.  I’ve made a couple pairs of socks and I understand the basic concepts.  I even understand the concept of short rows.  But for some reason, I just CANNOT get this pattern to work for me!  I have attempted to knit this thing eleventy billion times – each time I end up knitting the fug.  And I do not want to knit the fug!   These socks are going to a very special recipient.  I cannot, in good conscience, send Maggie THE DREADED FUG.

So, fellow knitters, I am sending out a plea of help.  Help me understand how to make these socks!  Feel free to dumb-down your instructions.  I will not be insulted.  😉  (Otherwise, they will be turning into a pair of jaywalkers.)

In order to decrease my stress levels (oh… the amount of cussing that has gone on with those rainbow socks… NOT PRETTY!) I have cast on to start the spiral boot socks from IK.  These socks started my love affair/obsession with wanting to learn how to make socks.  I don’t know what it is.  I don’t (ever!) wear knee-high socks, but the minute I saw them I could see myself wearing them around the house in the winter with my most comfortable pair of jammies.  I brought that issue of IK with me to Australia in July.  I showed the spiral socks to J and said something like “OK… while I am here, we HAVE TO learn how to make socks.  Because, look at these socks, I have to make these!”.  So, together J and I learned how to make socks.  And for the record… she was way better than I was.  By the time I left OZ she had already made 1 sock and was almost finished with its mate.  Me?  I got irritated, frogged what I had started, and started knitting the sock again when I came back home.

And just so I don’t feel like a complete knitting retardo, here is a photo of my (finally!) finished Greyskull socks. 


See?  I really can knit socks… just not Rainbow Socks, apparently.  😉  H-E-L-P!!


2 Responses to "I need some help…"

And now you are better at socks than I am – because I have one pair finished, one sock not finished, and I have no idea how to do cuff-down. So your sock-fu is stronger than mine 😉

I will have a close look at the rainbow socks and see if I can work it out. You’re right though, the pattern is wacky lookin.

One thing to bear in mind is that there are a few different ways to do shortrows, and you already know one way. It’s entirely allowable to use the skills you already have to achieve the same result.

Yeah, after looking at her method of doing short rows, I decided to go with the short rows we used with Wendy’s generic sock pattern. I’m much more comfortable with that one. But yet… I still can’t make the pattern work for me.

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