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Posted on: October 10, 2007

Nothing much going on in the Twisted household.  I’ve been steadily working on the spiral boot socks.  I’ve completed the calf section and am now working on the leg.  So far I’m really enjoying this pattern.  It’s not overly difficult and the pattern repeats are easy to memorize.  All good things in my book.  I seriously think I’d have some sort of mental meltdown if I had to face another episode of “Why the hell can’t I figure out this @#$! pattern?” 

This weekend holds another trip to the Austin/Round Rock area, which means that I will be missing the Crazy Aunt Purl signing at Yarntopia.  (And I’m not trying to lay any blame here… but IT’S MY HUSBAND’S FAULT!)  I also learned today that Catherine Kerth (aka Mama Llama) is having a trunk show at Yarntopia on the same day.  So now I am even MORE sad that I won’t be attending.  My husband owes me – BIG TIME.

And in other randomness, I’ve finally started reading the Harry Potter books.  OK… so I’m a little slow.   Sue me.  I scooped up five of the books from our local Half Price Books over the weekend and have just cracked open the first one.  I have to say, I am enchanted by the book so far and am really enjoying reading it.  Why did I avoid the series for so long?  Not entirely sure.  😀 

 Blah.  That’s enough blather for today.



2 Responses to "zzzzzz…."

have a good trip 🙂 be safe….

I still haven’t read the last two books of the Harry Potter series. I may have to start the series over again.

Happy reading and enjoy your trip! 🙂

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