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People are strange

Posted on: November 2, 2007

Sometimes I’m surprised at how, er, “non-intelligent” (OK,  STUPID.)  some people can be.  For instance, I met an aspiring law student last night that asked me the following:

Law dork:  “So you work with rodents, right?”  

Me:  “Yes.”

Law dork:  “Like what?”

Me:  “Predominantly mice, and occasionally rats.”

Law dork:  “Oh, you mean you kill the mice before they grow up to be adult rats?”

Me:  “Come again?”

Law dork:  “You know, baby mice grow up to become rats.”

Me:  “…………..”

Yeah.  People can be dumb.  I mean, granted, this guy could possibly know heaps about law.   I know doodly-squat about law.  I know that you have to obey the laws to stay out of jail.  End knowledge.  But, basic biology such as “mice DO NOT grow up to become rats” should be common knowledge right??   😉


3 Responses to "People are strange"

To my mind, yes – that should be common knowledge.

OMG! LOL! Well, kinda scary, huh?

I once knew a law student who didn’t know basic geography and thought Atlanta was the same as Atlantic City. Sheesh. This is somebody we trust with our legal matters?

LOL! OMG! Thanks for the laugh!

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