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FO’s, the clap, and Chinese food

Posted on: November 10, 2007

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you thought it would just NEVER end??  Well, that’s the kind of week I had – hence, the silence in twistedland.  Work was an absolute bear and I am so thankful that it’s the weekend and that I get to play with yarn.  Yarn always makes it better.

Speaking of yarn, I have several updates to post.  First, I have FINALLY finished Maggie’s jaywalkers.  They are packaged up and ready to be shipped out.  I decided to buck the system and do some true stash diving by completing each sock with a different yarn.  Kelly assured me that Maggie voluntarily leaves the house wearing two different socks, and that she will most likely assume that I made the pair like that on purpose.  😉 


Woo!  The jaywalkers are finally finished! 

I also put the finishing touches on the spiral boot sock that I have been working on.  The mate will be completed after my holiday knitting is done.  I like to think of it as my “reward project”.  It truly is a gorgeous sock, even though I had a little boo-boo around the instep.  Chart issues, you see.  But I think it all worked out ok and that it didn’t come out too terribly.  (Umm… at least that’s what I keep telling myself.  There was NO WAY I was going to frog back and fix it.)


Again, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the sock….

The holiday season is upon us — Ok, seriously.  Can I take a moment to say how crazy I think the holiday shopping season has become?  The Friday after Halloween, several stores in our area held those ridiculous “early bird” specials normally reserved for the day after Thanksgiving.  I mean, really, are we going to start holiday shopping in August now?  Personally, I think all this mindless consumerism is getting waaay out of hand, but I digress.  Let’s talk yarn.  Yarn makes people happy! 

I have started making a clapotis for my sister-in-law.  The yarn is Schaefer Laurel in the Frida Kahlo colorway.  Winding this yarn into a ball was an absolute nightmare and took two full evenings.  (I even had to recruit the Hubbster on the second evening.)  Somehow the hank was an ungodly mess of tangles and knots, which took AGES to unwind.  Aside from the winding issues, I am really pleased at how this yarn is working up.  I absolutely cannot wait to get to the section where I get to start dropping stitches, which if all goes well will be this weekend.  For me, that’s is the best part of making a clappy.  🙂


I can haz dropped stitchez now?

And the final bit in this endless post (Seriously… must not let so much time pass! I tend to get wordy!).  The Hubbster and I are visiting our old stomping grounds this weekend.  We had Chinese food – and it was good.  But what makes this restaurant exceptionally good is that I have many fond memories there.  This is the restaurant where J and I spent much of our formative high school/expanding into college years.  It is also the place where we shared one of our final dinners together before she moved to the land of OZ.  So it is very special to me.  I have a lot of good memories there.  Oh, and their food ain’t half bad, either!  😉


On that note, I shall bring this to a close.  Hopefully those of you brave enough to make it to the end of this monstrous post are not semi-comatose.  😉


4 Responses to "FO’s, the clap, and Chinese food"

Please, take all you like, but eat all you take!!!

I miss China First! Are there still 8 year old boys pouring the ice tea? That always seemed like slave labor to me! 😉

OMG! I LOVE the socks. She will get such a kick out of that!!

I am so with you on the holiday hysteria. It’s gotten so I refuse to shop in stores that have the Christmas stuff crowding out the Halloween things. As you can imagine, that leaves me few choices.

And I am now craving Chinese food. At 10 in the morning. AGGGHHH!

Nice socks!! Sounds like they are perfect for her too!

[…] to finish the Harry Potter series (loved it!), untangled the second skein of Schaefer Laurel (see here for my rant about the first skein), and continued working on my sister-in-law’s clapotis.  […]

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