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Oh No!

Posted on: January 22, 2008

Look at who just turned the big THREE-OH!  Happy birthday to The Bestest Friend a Gal Could Ask For.


Happy Berfday, J!!!!


I’m sending you a virtual Pineapple Dessert ‘o Doom!  (Minus the mango ice cream this time.)


P.S.  Technically her birthday is not until tomorrow U.S. time, but since she’s in Aussie-land I figured I’d wish her a happy birthday in HER time zone.  😉


4 Responses to "Oh No!"

Hee! Lubyoo kiddo. 😀

That dessert looks awesome! WOW!



[…] Ahem. Yes. Well, my birthday came and went on January 23 (the gorgeous TwistedTexan has immortalised it better than I ever could so let’s just leave it there, shall we?). Too much lovely food was had, presents given, […]

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