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Rock Your Face Off!

Posted on: January 24, 2008

Last night we went to see my favorite band in the whole world… the Foo Fighters.  As always, the boys delivered an AMAZING show.  The rock was loud and rowdy… just the way I like it.  In my opinion, nobody does it better than Dave Grohl.  (Which is why he’s my “second husband”.)  But as an added bonus, the Foos also took it down a notch and played a set of acoustic tunes.  On a round stage.  That dropped from the ceiling.  Rawk.

By the end of the night I had adopted a “third husband”…. Mr. Taylor Hawkins.  For such a small fellow who’s all teeth and hair, that boy can bring the thunder!  Come to think of it, Dave is also rather scrawny with lots of hair and teeth.  Hmm… I’m beginning to notice a pattern with my “secondary/tertiary” husbands.   😉

I will leave you with one rather shoddy image of the evening.  Must get a phone with a better camera.  😉


“More bang for the buck.  That’s me.” – Dave Grohl

p.s.  Our seats were freakin’ sweet!  🙂



1 Response to "Rock Your Face Off!"

Everyone should have a “harem.” One starts to p*ss you off, you bring in the second stringer. Me, I’m making my selections from the rosters of the NHL All-Star Game right now. Ooo… a Swede….

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