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The kitteh has good taste

Posted on: February 24, 2008


I walk into the room where my Noro scarf is blocking and immediately encounter a guilty kitty face.


“Honestly, I was only sniffing the Noro.  No way was I thinking about sprawling across it.  None what-so-ever.  You believe me, right?? “


I started this scarf while waiting around for jury duty.  I wanted something that was quick and easy to memorize, and this easily fit the bill.  The Noro must have brought me some good ju-ju, because I wasn’t selected for jury duty and was released fairly early in the morning.  Woo!  That equals more knitting time!  🙂

And just in case that’s not enough yarn pr0n for you, I also received the first installment of the Mama Llama yarn club.  She sent this as her first yarn:


400 yards of Silken Cashmere.  Commence the drooling.  😉


3 Responses to "The kitteh has good taste"

Guuuuuhhhh…. nuuuuuurrrr…

Ahem. That’s some mighty nice yarnz you got there, ma’am 😉

Better Kitty on Noro than Kitty on Mama Llama. (Pauses to grab napkin.)

My cats do the exact same thing. The second I start blocking, here come the cats.

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