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‘Insanity Reigns Supreme at Twisted household’

Posted on: June 16, 2008

…film at 11.

 Can I just say how much I hate, loathe, detest ALL utility companies??  The Hubbster and I closed on our house May 28th.  On May 29th we (being the responsible adults that we are) phoned all of the utility companies to schedule our services.  Here’s a quick rundown of how well that went.   


  • It took 2 days to get our phone up and running.  The delay in the phone installation caused a 3 day delay in getting our security system installed.


  • After spending a full day at the apartment giving it a good final scrub, we returned to our new house and realized OMGWTF?!?!  We have no power!!  Our delightful energy company had absolutely ZERO record of our transfer and told us that it would take a MINIMUM of 48 hours before it would be turned on again.



       So not happy.   So we told said energy company to go fly a kite and signed up with a different one who had our power back on the next morning.


  • The cable company was due to come out on Tuesday.  What happens Tuesday?  Huge storm happens.  So cable dude says “I’ll come back on Friday.”   Well… he’s a big fat honkin’ liar.  He was a no-show and now the cable folks are coming out nearly 3 weeks after they stopped our service.  It’s pretty annoying to be completely shut off from the outside world.  What’s the weather like?  Dunno.  Is there a wreck on the freeway?  Dunno.  What’s happening with The Harlot??  😉

I have decided that I’m going to drop my career in research and work for utility companies.  I mean, how much fun would that be to tell people without power that there’s absolutely nothing you can do and that they’ll just have to sweat it out for 2 days??  Sounds like more fun than a barrel full of monkeys!



2 Responses to "‘Insanity Reigns Supreme at Twisted household’"

I don’t know – I had a barrel fulla muhnkees when I was a kid, and they were pretty damn fun… 😉

I used to have an English teacher who espoused this theory: somewhere in the factory that produces cardboard boxes that are scored for ease of opening, there is an evil little man with a grudge against the rest of us, who only scores the damn things halfway.

His brother, I’m thinking, must be chief executive in charge of master scheduling for all utility companies.

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