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Posted on: August 20, 2008

So when tropical storm Edouard rolled in, I had been joking with fellow knitter, Kemtee, that all of the media hype and campus evacuations had induced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – and that the only known cure for PTSD is sock yarn.


This is what arrived in the mail while I was away at my bro’s wedding:





One skien of Twisted Fiber Arts (tres appropriate, no?) sock yarn in the netherfield colorway.  I about died laughing when I opened the package… especially when the Hubbster got a load of it. 

Hubbster:  “Emergency sock yarn?  You and your knitter friends are weird.” – and walks away shaking his head.

My reply:  “Hell Yeah!  EMERGENCY SOCK YARN!  W00T!”  🙂


So thanks, Kemtee.  I am now properly outfitted with an emergency skein of sock yarn should the PTSD flare up again.


5 Responses to "Emergency!"

We knitters in hurricane-prone areas have to look out for each other, no?

“Emergency sock yarn? You and your knitter friends are weird.”

We prefer to be called eccentric. Cake, I blow raspberries in your general direction.

Cake: “How would I describe J’s mom?”
Me: “I think eccentric is the word you’re looking for, dear.”

Heeeeeeeeeee considering the discussion on Ravelry we just had… I think my yarn was ready to be packed before my clothes!

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