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Posted on: October 11, 2008

Take a gander at my very first spinning attempt.  Although, I have to warn you – it ain’t pretty. 


May I introduce to you:  “Entrails”

Obviously I do not know WTF I am doing.  I’m hoping that after a little research, and several sessions with youtube I will get a better grasp on things.  I really hope I can, because I have this waiting in the wings:


2 oz of merino in the “jewel” colorway and 2 oz of merino in the “riverstone” colorway.  Both of these were purchased from The Upstairs Studio while I was on “hurrication”.   They’re both so lovely and I hope that I don’t wreck them.  😦


3 Responses to "Entrails"

Just hold on to that merino until you feel ready and keep practicing. I kept telling myself that my first spinning attempts looked like Lopi and people actually buy that! Just keep on spinning, spinning, spinning… 🙂

It IS pretty! 🙂 I like it! Welcome to da world of Spinning! 😀

Learning to spin is so difficult. Don’t worry, one day after weeks of fighting, it will just click. I found that Merino was the easiest for me to spin on a spindle. It practically drafts itself. Everything that I read said to start with fibers with longer staple lengths, like BFL, but I had a lot more trouble with those. I guess everyone is different. I’ve ordered most of my merino from It’s not too expensive (aka good practice), gorgeous, and super soft.

Good luck!

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