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What happens when

Posted on: November 23, 2008

you get together a group of crazy-assed eccentric knitters?  You get C.L.O.K.ed by the “Clear Lake Outlaw Knitters”.

The identities of those involved have been concealed

Tagging Joanns

getaway car


The new Joann’s was welcomed to the neighborhood

Kim Joanns


Some local Flamingos at the art center will be stylishly dressed for the cooler weather

flamingo tagged 2

flamingo tagged


The Bay Area Citizen (local newspaper) was generously “decorated” with knitted goodies

Bay Area Citizen

Hannah bay area citizen


Local watering hole and institution “The Outpost” was also not immune to the powers of C.L.O.K. – although something tells me they may never even notice the extra “decorations”

Outpost tavern tagged


And once booze entered the equation (oh yes folks, up until that point we were all stone cold sober) the evening slowly started to fall apart as some of the members dropped their disguises.

CLOK incognito

tavern moment


You’ve been C.L.O.K.ed, yo!

you've been CLOKd


2 Responses to "What happens when"

LOL!! South Texas is clearly no longer safe from this wild bunch! 🙂


I deny knowing anything. ‘Cause I don’t. But that looked fun!

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