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We’ve been invaded

Posted on: January 19, 2009

…by a duck.

The Hubbster and I were about to take a stroll when we saw this:


What the…? Why are there feathers in our (totally weed-infested) garden??

So we poked our head around the corner and…


we got our answer. 

It appears that there is some sort of “nest” but there’s no way in HELL I’m going anywhere near that critter.  Ducks are vicious – and I HATE BIRDS.  (Well, except for penguins.  They’re not really “bird-like”.)  While I was snapping this photo, the damn thing sort of hissed at me.

Fine, you can have the front corner of the garden.  It’s all yours.

So, um, anyone know the length of a duck’s gestational period?


4 Responses to "We’ve been invaded"

Eww. It’s one of those dang Muscovy ducks, too. They’re mean. And pushy. I had them all over the place at my last apartment. She used to march her ducklings all over my patio and leave… droppings… and feathers and tease my cat. She flew straight at me once and dang near parted my hair down the middle. And she chased Hizzoner around the parking lot. I hates me some ducks.

Except steamed and crispy broiled with garlic-laced greens. Then I enjoy them very much.

No no no no no Ducks is Cute! Love duckeseses! OMG cute! She have Bebes?

Don’t know the gestational period. Has she laid eggs yet? I see ducks a lot around here that are heavy with eggs and then I’ll see them on their nest but I don’t know the length of time before the cotton balls on toothpicks start waddling around.

OMGZ Cotton balls ontoothpicks OMG ducks R so cuuuuuuuuuuuute!

::adds a squee here for effect::

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