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Shake Mah Bootay!

Posted on: February 4, 2009

It’s mah berfday!

Shake mah bootay!


To celebrate my (insert number here) birthay, I made some cookies.  They amuse me to no end.




This one’s my favorite. 🙂


A very special thanks to My Girl J for providing the super-hilarious cookie cutters.


7 Responses to "Shake Mah Bootay!"

Happy Birthday to YOU!!

LOOOOVE those cool cookies too — nom nom

What did you wish for?

Poor cookies …. 😦 ….


hehehehe, i got those cookie cutters at a white elephant this past christmas… they are hilarious!!!!!

happy b-day woman 🙂

You are one sick puppy.

I love that about you.

Happy birthday! I ❤ those cookies!!!

Heh – trauma centre cookies 😉

Your gingerbread men rock!! I must make some, but without the special cutters will have to dismember them myself. Should be fun 🙂

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