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The Lazy Blogger Returns

Posted on: March 1, 2009

Yeah, yeah, I know… I haven’t been posting as regularly as I should.  How about I make it up to you with some photos?  Hmm???  Will that make it all better?


Well, now, these aren’t just ANY old photos.  What if I told you they were photos of the revolutionary, awesome, super-duper creators of RAVELRY? 


Ha!  Got your attention, didn’t I?


On February 14, The Knitting Nest in Austin held a “Texas Loves Ravelry” party.  Not ones to be left out, the CLACKers all loaded up the vehicles and made a trip to meet the geniuses behind knitting’s finest website.   I just have to say that Casey, Jess, and Mary-Heather were all wonderful to meet.  It was pretty fun to see Casey get a bit flustered when we asked him to sign our shirts.  


“But, are you sure?  That’s… well, that’s a BETA tshirt.   We’re never going to make those again.  Are you sure??”


Um, yeah, Casey.  I’m sure.   😉


So here you are, enjoy the pictures.  I’m still recovering from a wicked cold/sore throat, so I’m off to have a nice nap.

lisa car
One of my fellow daytrippers, lkbarr (Also known as “Icky-B”)

kim tha knitta
My other daytripper pal, KimnCocoa

group and mary heather
The group and Mary-Heather  (Lisa, Melissa, Mary-Heather, Kim, and me)

group and jess
The group and Jess

group and casey
The group and Casey

Oh and also… I love yarn. Souvenir sock yarn is the best!
i love yarn


1 Response to "The Lazy Blogger Returns"

She is blissful… go make yerself a cuppa tea with a shot of whiskey in it. Dad swore by it for the crud. (Or for anything, for that matter.)

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