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Faster Than A Speeding Slug!

Posted on: May 27, 2009

Yes, the “running” – I use that term loosely – is going slowly.  But what do you expect after a two (+) year hiatus?  At this stage it’s not about speed or distance.  It is about endurance.  It is about being able to run “x” number of minutes without keeling over.

I am following a 10-week program from The Complete Book of Running for Women by Claire Kowalchik.  It’s a combination walk/run that gradually takes you from running 2 minute segments to 30 minutes.   Once you reach the 30 minute milestone, the program then shifts over to increasing your mileage. 

Personally, I am looking forward to the day that I can climb the three flights of stairs at work without sucking wind at the top.  Nevermind being able to run for 30 consecutive minutes.  I just want to get the hell up those stairs!

The title of this post can also apply to my knitting as of late.  For the past month I have been working on a project that will be displayed in Mama Llama’s booth at The Sock Summit

Yes, THAT sock summit.  SQUEE!!

At this stage I am tantalizingly close to being finished.  Want a little preview?


Yup, I’ve been knitting Ramen Noodles.


There are several other projects patiently waiting in the wings.  One little fellow, however, may have to wait a while for its turn.  Can you guess which one?  😉


Pick me next!  Pick me!


No way, pick ME instead!  Look at how soft and fluffy I am!


Those two other projects ain’t got nothin’ on me.  How could you possibly resist my combination alpaca/silk charms?


Never a shortage of knitting A.D.D.  Nosiree. 


Today’s treadmill jam superstars were: 


3 Responses to "Faster Than A Speeding Slug!"

And I got to see the first one in person. Too bad you’re too keen on my yarn thieving ways. It’s so gorgeous! Good going on the running too. Keep it up! I need someone to be just as miserable! 😉

And where’s my FLS, HMMMMMMMMMMM???? 😉

Um, yes. It’s on my list.

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