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Posted on: June 7, 2009

So it seems I’ve got a couple of finished projects to show off.

bio clock sock 1

Woo!  Those pasty legs are HOT!!! 

In typical Eclectic Sole fashion, I did not particularly enjoy these socks.  The pattern charts were a little difficult for me to decipher since they were broken up into 4 mini-charts spread out over several pages.  I ended up having to graph it out into one continuous chart to make sense of it all.   There have been complaints that the heels in this book turn out  baggy (as was true for my Rivendell sock), so I substituted my usual short-row heel and toe. 

My second F.O. is a true labor of love.  I worked on it steadily for a full month.  Behold the Mama Llama shawl:

shawl 1

shawl 2

shawl 5

I am truly honored that Catherine asked me to knit something to display at her booth for this year’s Sock Summit.  I’ve always been a big fan of her yarns, so I am beyond thrilled that she has the opportunity to show off her stuff at the summit.  🙂

So what am I knitting now?   Well, I’m glad you asked.

spring socks 3

I am knitting Spring Forward from Knitty Summer 2008 with some very special sock yarn that came from a good friend who was lucky enough to attend Maryland Sheep & Wool.  So far I am really loving the pattern and I was even able to try my very first tubular cast-on.  🙂

On the running side, things are going great.  Last week I ran about 8 miles (2/day) and have noticed that my endurance  has improved tremendously.  All good things in my book.


4 Responses to "FO-PALOOZA!"

I LOVE your FO pictures! Beautifully shot!

Great pics! I can see you taking pics whilst throwing that gorgeoous stole in the wind! Sometimes I think I look quite the fool taking pictures of things.

Ooo… spring forwards… good choice!

The FOs are FAB, as usual. And the photos rock, my friend.

Love the red socks! They looks SO cute with those shoes! Love it. And the photos of the shawl are amazing! (The shawl is beautiful too )

Happy Knitting! 🙂

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