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Step, Step, OW!?!

Posted on: July 1, 2009

What was that?  My ankle feels kinda funky.  I wonder if I can just run through it???  I mean, it doesn’t feel THAT bad.

 Step, step, step, OW!

Erm, crap.  Guess not. 

Today marks week #2 of the running hiatus.  If it doesn’t improve soon, it’s off to the doctor’s office. 



The temperatures around here have been in the upper 90’s/triple digits for I dunno how many days.  So what do I do?  I cast on a sweater with this yarn:


Dream in Color Smooshy in Midnight Derby.  Don’t you love the varying shades of blue and purple?  I hope to have some WIP photos this weekend. 

Yanno, sometimes I question my logic.  Sweater in the sweltering heat?  Sure!  And what do I want to knit after this one’s finished?  A cardigan out of laceweight yarn.  Yep… sometimes I think my wiring’s not quite up to code.   😉


4 Responses to "Step, Step, OW!?!"

How much medication you taking for that ankle, anyway?

I like the colors. And I recommend ice. And tequila. Your ankle might still hurt, but you’ll feel much better.

Heh, zero meds for the ankle.? It doesn’t bother me when I walk… only when I run.? I think it’s the PTB’s way of telling me that I should remain a couch potato.? Don’t you??

Casting on a new project ALWAYS makes me feel better. Dream in Color is the BOMB! Take it easy on your ankle and feel better soon! Bicycle perhaps?

Sorry about the running hiatus. Hope you heal quickly!

Any WIP photos yet? …. ???

now? …..

😀 can’t wait to see ’em! 🙂

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