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Turn, Turn, Turn

Posted on: July 11, 2009

So what do you get when you add a flame to a pumpkin?  You get Indian corn:


Or at least that’s what springs to mind whenever I look at the yarn.  Tomorrow marks the end of the first week of the Tour de Fleece, and I’m doing pretty dang well if I do say so myself.  I have done a little spinning every day – some days more than others.  But fiber has at least passed through my hands every day.  I am more than halfway through my fiber, which makes me downright giddy.  I’m already eyeing my stash, trying to decide what to spin next. 

In addition to all the spinning, I have been knitting too.   After a disastrous attempt of shaping – while keeping the lace pattern going – I ended up having to frog back all of the lace and try again.  Thankfully I found a great thread on Ravelry that saved my bacon.  I am now about 8″ into the back of the sweater:


(This second photo better represents the actual color of the yarn.)

Now that the hurdle of shaping + lace pattern has been conquered, it is moving along smoothly.  And take a peek at what’s been keeping me on track…


The Hubbster and I recently got iPhones and I’ve been using 2 knitting apps: StitchMinder and KnitMinder.   I have to say that I really love KnitMinder.  I have been able to jot down notes (like how I did the decreases while maintaining the lace!) as I’m knitting away at my pattern so that I’ll be able to match up the front and back of the sweater.  Usually this entails little scraps of paper, or my big ol’ honkin’ graph paper notebook.  Now I’ve got all the little details stored away in my convenient (and always present) iPhone. 

And if you look very carefully under the iPhone you will see my yoga mat.  I still haven’t been able to run, but I’ve been keeping active by doing yoga and pilates.  It definitely doesn’t replace my treadmill, but at least it’s something.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Sunday I’ll be testing out my ankle again.  If it buggers up, I’ll be heading to the doctor. 

P.S.  Tomorrow I’ll be heading out to my favorite yarn shop (Twisted Yarns) with two of my favorite knittas.  Hopefully we’ll get to meet up with Janet (aka twistedknitter) and see her incredible soft waves ripple blanket.  And with any kind of luck I’ll have some updated yarn pr0n!


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One of my co-workers has that Stitchminder app and she just likes playing with it… she’s like a kid in a candy store making the clicky noises.

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