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Greetings from the land of Ugh

Posted on: October 5, 2010

The only meal I’ve been able to keep down in 24 hours.  (The ginger ale is absolute crap, but it’s the ONLY brand they had in the entire store.)

The plague has been running amok in the twistedtexan household.  It started with BabyTexan, then struck MommyTexan with a vengeance.  DaddyTexan has been trying to hold out, but I’m afraid he’s met his match today.  I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had such a violent stomach bug, and I hope that I don’t experience another one anytime soon.  Three cheers for daycare?


2 Responses to "Greetings from the land of Ugh"

I feel yer pain, kiddo.

Oh hunny… that’s awful. I wish I could fix it from here… feel better soon.

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