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Whoop whoop that’s the sound of da police

Posted on: October 12, 2010

My day started off with a bang.  It appears that my local police department is in need of some extra funds.  After dropping off Little Miss Texan at daycare I saw those horrible red and blue flashing lights in my rearview mirror.  At first I wasn’t even sure if those lights were meant for me.  I was at a stop light – so I wasn’t speeding.  I had come to a complete stop.  My headlights were on, I used my blinkers, I was wearing my seatbelt, so why on Earth were there these red and blue lights following me?  As I was pulling over my stomach started churning, my palms became clammy, and my head was whirring trying to figure out why I was being pulled over. 

The officer approached the car, shined his flashlight at the inspection and registration stickers in my windshield and then proclaimed “Um.  Huh? That’s weird.”  He shines the light on the windshield again and then asks for my driver’s licence and proof of insurance.  He looks at my registration and inspections stickers again and says “I’m showing that your registration expired in March ’10, but your sticker clearly shows that it’s not.”  Still looking puzzled, he saunters back to his police car to run my driver’s license.   After discovering that there weren’t any warrants out for my arrest, he apologized profusely for the “glitch in the system” and for pulling me over.  I (very politely) said it was “not a problem, officer.  You’re just doing your job.”, bid him a good day, and went off on my merry way – relieved that I didn’t get a ticket.  Awesome start to a day.  Nothing like a run-in with The Man (pre-coffee, mind you) to get your juices flowing.

And now for the real reason why you’re here…

Pairing #3

Pattern:  Lana Holden’s skew socks ( link)

Yarn:  Three Irish Girls Kells Sport Merino in the Nora colorway

Now these socks could either go really badly, or they will be one of the most awesome socks ever.  This yarn is LOUD. AS. HELL. and I’m really hoping the swirl pattern will showcase this yarn to its fullest.  I almost want to start these socks now, but I will be a good girl.  I will continue to knit on the stealth project until it is finished, especially with the deadline rapidly approaching.


3 Responses to "Whoop whoop that’s the sound of da police"

Yikes, I’d be terrified! I cried so hard last time I got a ticket. Long story, but it was a very emotional time already.

Can’t wait to see how these socks turn out!


I’d be driving myself insane wondering what the “glitch in the system” was.

Loud socks good.

Glad the ‘run-in’ with da police ended ok.

That yarn will look awesome all ‘askew’. 🙂

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