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Pairing #6 – halfway there!

Posted on: October 18, 2010

I have nothing particularly witty or charming to say.  I spent the entire weekend paying homage to the porcelain god, so there you have it.

Um, thanks for sharing?

Let’s look at some yarn.

Mirasol Yarn Hacho in 318.  Whoa, that’s a sexy name.  Rolls right off the tongue…Kinda like I rolled off your mom.

Aw crappers.  Do enough of my IRL pals read this blog for me to bust out the  ubiquitous “your mom” jokes?  Bueller?

The pattern to go along with this cheerful yarn is Knitfreak’s aquaphobia socks

I’ve made some socks from Hacho before:

and loved them so hard they’ve had to be darned…twice.   I think it’s fair to say that I’m going to love my new Hacho socks. 

Have you worn out any of your hand-knit socks?


4 Responses to "Pairing #6 – halfway there!"

No, I haven’t worn any out yet. I’ve felted the bottoms purely by wearing them, but not worn holes yet.

I just noticed the other day, that my dream in color sock (that I’ve only worn ONCE) have a hole in them. ARGH!

You are choosing (i.e. introducing me to) some awesome sock patterns!1 🙂 This looks like a fun sock planned. 🙂

Oooh, I have some Hacho I want to make socks with. Glad to know it wears well…like your mom

Oh, and glad to hear you’re feeling better

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