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The results are in

Posted on: October 22, 2010

Thanks for all of your input regarding yesterday’s yarn conundrum.  I think I’m going to stick with my gut and go with (drumroll, please)…………….

 the Wollmeise. 

 There’s just something about this yarn that had me coming back to it.  But don’t worry, I’m sure I can find a project for the Dream in Color.  😉

Today’s yarn comes from a faraway place.  It is The Knittery 4-ply Merino Cashmere from Australia.  Drool with me now.  Mmmmmm, cashmere.  The colorway is chocolate.  Drool with me now.  Mmmmmm, chocolate.

The sock I’ve chosen to go along with this delectable yarn is bacchus (Ravelry link) from Interweave Knits, Fall 2008. 

And now I’m wanting chocolate and wine.

This weekend should prove to be interesting.  We’re going to try and attempt (key word) to put Little Miss Texan into her Halloween costume (Tinkerbell) and get pictures of her with some pumpkins at one of our local “pumpkin patches”.  This week they had picture day at her school and on day one my normally very happy girl proceeded to have the BIGGEST. MELTDOWN. EVAR.   So no pictures.   Day two she was happy as a clam, but wouldn’t keep her thumb out of her mouth.  So most likely we’ll get pictures of her sucking her thumb.  FAIL.

We’ll try and get some decent pictures this weekend.  Will we be successful?  I highly doubt it, but at least we’ll give it a shot.

This weekend I will also be handing in my socks for the sock knitting contest at one of my LYSes.  The challenge was to knit a pair of socks from yarn you have purchased from the shop.  Once my socks have been handed in, I’ll post the pictures.  Wish me luck!  The grand prize is a set of Addi Lace click needles and a skein of sock yarn.  Second prize is $100 gift certificate, third prize is $50 gift certificate.  That’s better than a sharp stick in the eye, eh?

Anyway, happy weekend.  Hopefully I’ll have some cute photos to share with y’all on Monday.


4 Responses to "The results are in"

LOVE the first decision!

Wiping away the droll from the second picture and now I will be speeding towards pearland to open red wine and consume chocolate.

I’m with you on the sock pictures. Mine will be posted to the blog and Ravelry once they are safely in Lizzie’s or Clarice’s hands. May the best pair win one of the three prizes. I secretly want second so that I can get a Namaste bag….

Good luck with the photo session and the pumpkins…I don’t miss those days, even though my oldest turns 27 today….

HSH never yowled until we got to the photo studio. I think they know…

You know they have a chocolate wine now…

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