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A sign of the apocalypse?

Posted on: October 25, 2010

The Hubbster is signing up with Twitter.  I think my brain just melted.  What’s next?  My father-in-law signing up with Facebook?  That’ll be the day you’ll be scraping my brains off the wall because my head exploded.  But that’s not why we’re here.  Get comfy, kiddies.  This post is gonna be chock full ‘o photos. 

Pictures with Little Miss Texan went pretty well.  We decided to nix the pumpkin patch due to an overly tired Princess.  Seriously do not know what’s up with the kid these days.  She just does not want to nap.  And if she does?  It’s a whopping 20 minutes.  The kid plays a lot and plays hard.  But I digress.  We bought 3 pumpkins from the patch and brought them home.  The following day we stuffed LMT into her Tinkerbell costume and took her out in the front yard for some pictures.

And can I just say that the folks at Disney are smoking teh crack?  We bought the 6-9 month size thinking that LMT would have plenty of room, yanno, seeing as she’s just barely 6 months.   Now either LMT is a gigantor, or the folks at Disney have no idea how to size their stuff.  Poor thing looks like she’s sporting a thong.   I think she’ll be wearing this costume long enough to participate in the Halloween parade at school and then she can rock her Halloween footie pj’s the rest of the time. 

Notice the blanket?   That’s the ten stitch blanket by Frankie Brown (Ravelry link) knit with 3 skeins of Kauni Effektgarn.   That’s about all the baby knitting I could muster up while I was pregnant.  Miles and miles and miles of garter stitch.  I hope to never knit that much garter again.  The blanket turned out pretty awesome, though.  All I’ve got is a super crappy iphone picture of the blanket, so I won’t bother putting it up.  I’ll try to get some better photos and share with you another day.

You will, however,  have to put up with a crappy iphone picture for my next project.   Remember the sock knitting contest I mentioned last week? Well, here’s my entry.  Better pictures to follow once the socks have returned home.

Pattern: twisted flower sock (Ravelry link) by Cookie A.

Yarn: Universal Yarn Merino/Nylon – dyed by yours truly at the dyeing workshop held at Upstairs Studio.

This was my second attempt at this sock pattern.  The first go ’round was paired with some Araucania Ranco solid that was much too dark, so you couldn’t really see the stitch pattern.  I’m much happier with the results this time.  🙂

While I’m feeling all picture happy, let’s throw in the next installment of the self-imposed-sock-of-the-month.

Pattern: Kimono socks (Ravelry link) from Knitscene Fall, 2008.

Yarn:  Cherry Tree Hill supersocks solids in Loden

Again, this is a pattern that has been in my queue for quite some time.  I’m looking forward to knocking them off the to-do list. 

I think that about does it for me today.  I’m tired of trying to format all of these pictures.  Gotta love wordpress.  Until tomorrow…


3 Responses to "A sign of the apocalypse?"

Gotta love ’em for wanting to get into the social media scene. I wish the other half was interested but, alas, I’m the geek/nerd in our house.

I think that Disney is smoking crack. They have ALWAYS sized their stuff funky. All the way back to when Trouble and Munchkin were young. But Little Miss Texan looks adorable.

I saw your socks when I dropped off mine. In all my years of knitting, I ahve never done one of Cookie A’s patterns. I may have to rectify this soon. Love the color and it does make the pattern stand out!

Looks like I need to get my fingers busier than they are. Your sock of the month diet seems to be a pair weekly….sheesh, I need to knit 24/7.

I’m thinking Disney has been doing some serious chemistry ever since Walt kicked it. But I’ve got other reasons for that.

The socks are teh ossim.

And Little Miss Texan is the bonniest baby in the state. Anyone tells you differently, I kick their backside.

I read your whole post and yet the ‘thong’ statement has stuck in my head. You crack me up! What a cutie! 🙂

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