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Kid N Ewe 2010

Posted on: November 23, 2010

I cannot give all the gory details of Kid N Ewe weekend  because what happens at Camp Eagle Fart stays at Eagle Fart.  I will, however, say that a good time was had by all…some more than others (you know who you are!)  😉

Besides, we all know why you’re here.  Roll out the parade of yarn/fiber pr0n.

1. Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool – Mardi Gras Colorway.  I always buy some Plain & Fancy at Kid N Ewe.  The stuff is magic.

2. Abstract Fiber Hepburn – Alfalfa colorway

3. Butterfly Girl – merino/bamboo/angelina/firestar 3.2 oz

4. Alisha Goes Around – Richness (of Martens) fingering – HEAVEN. ON. EARTH.  Merino/silk/cashmere.

5. Stitchjones Titanium Sock – Dark & Divine colorway.

6. String Theory Tachyon – Lewis Acid colorway.

7. Yarnorama Colorway of the Month (November) – Birds of a Feather.  Kid mohair/merino/nylon.

8.  Yorkieslave merino/bamboo/angelina – Luscious Berries colorway.  I wish this picture did justice to this fiber.  It’s even more amazing in person.

9. Schacht hand carders

Post tomorrow: LMT’s (finally finished!) cardi and a proper photo of her baby blanket.


3 Responses to "Kid N Ewe 2010"

Please be aware that I am going to break into your house at some point and steal that pinky purple batt. I know, I know, greedy and selfish… so stop it and just go ahead and send it to MEEEEEE already. OK? 😉

If that’s what it takes to get you to come to my house, I will gladly give you the fiber. 😉

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