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A Brand Spanking New Year

Posted on: January 3, 2011

I’m not typically big on New Year’s Resolutions: lose 20 pounds! knit solely from stash! spin 10 minutes every day!  read 12 books! 

…so I’ve just made some vague generalizations that I’d like to live by this year.

  1. Knit more. I have only just gotten my knitting mojo back (pregnancy and resulting infant totally sucked it out of me) and now I want to knit all the things! 2011 is the year of the self-imposed sock of the month club (Hells yeah!) but if I don’t get around to knitting 12 pairs of socks this year, I won’t be crushed.
  2. Spin moreI started 8 oz of BFL on my wheel in January. I just finished it December 31. The skein has been washed, thwacked, and dried.  ~800 yards fingering weight BFL awesomeness. I want more awesomeness.  (Better photos to come, I promise.  They’re on the camera at home.)


3. Be more active.  Unlike years past where I’ve said “I’m gonna lose 25 pounds” I’m saying FUCK OFF to the weight loss thing. I just wanna be able to run after my kid without feeling like I’m an asthmatic 90 year old woman.  I hope that my Saturday morning wogging (a pathetic combination of walk/waddle/jog) meet-ups with this saucy young lady will start up again.

4.  I would say something cute like “blog more” but I know myself and the blog only gets done when/if I have the time, pictures, etc…

What about you?  Do you have any resolutions?


7 Responses to "A Brand Spanking New Year"

all of these resolutions and goals posts are going to “force” me to post too….I’ll cheer for your success too!

Well it sounds like you have some rather big resolutions yourself. I look forward to your updates!

Yes, this kind of sounds familiar. One thing I will add to the list is “try to stay on top of things” like laundry and vacuuming and stuff. I’m not gonna go nuts, but there is no reason I should run out of underpants or that there should be sentient doghair tumbleweeds blowing around my house.

Of course, if I had something like 74 PAIRS OF UNDERPANTS it wouldn’t be such a problem.

Hey, don’t be hating on me because I was able to visit you for 3 weeks and not have to wash unnapants. 😉

Knit ALL the things?

Ok, perhaps I do not need to knit a bikini or toilet paper covers.

Young? ::gigglesnort::

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