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The parade of shoddy photos

Posted on: January 31, 2011

January wrap-up


A pair of Leyburn socks for Maggie.

image title

My January “self-imposed-sock-of-the-month” embossed leaves.

image title

Dragged out from the WIP pile and dusted off:

The Icarus shawl I started in 2009.

image title

And I started a new (mystery) project for my girl J’s presently-incubating “pintobean”.

Next pair of socks planned for February are the herringbone rib socks.  I’m not sure when I’m going to cast-on because I’m enjoying the distraction of lace and the mystery project.  It’s funny to see how much I’ve changed as a knitter since casting on the Icarus shawl.  I remember needing to have numerous lifelines and stitch markers and meticulously counting every stitch.  That doesn’t seem to be the case now.  But, before I get all haughty and “ohh-la-la-look-at-me-miss-hot-shot-knitter”, I am still on the main body of the shawl which is pretty damn simple.  I have yet to begin the lace edging.  😉

Texas is bracing for a nice little cold-snap starting tomorrow.  If all the stars are aligned and the moon is in the 7th house, I might get snow on my birthday.

Today Jan 31 Tue Feb 1 Wed 2 Thu 3 Fri 4

Cloudy Strong Storms / Wind Partly Cloudy / Wind Mostly Cloudy Few Showers
70°F 64° 41° 39° 41°
High High High High High
61° 24° 26° 31° 30°
Low Low Low Low Low
Chance of Precip:
Chance of Rain:
Chance of Precip:
Chance of Precip:
Chance of Rain:

But I’m not holding my breath.


4 Responses to "The parade of shoddy photos"

Man…I need to get some pictures taken and update the blog and Ravelry….I love the January socks!

I’m liking the socks. The snow, not so much.

Aw! Cute widdle feets! Did you have Ellie model them? 😉

Very, very funny Ms. Ski-feet.

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