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I wanted to love you

Posted on: February 1, 2011

Dear Addi Lace Clicks,

 I wanted to love you.  Really, I did. 

I mean just look at you, with your fancy case and all of your labeled needle tips lined up smartly in a row.  And the assortment of cables made me positively swoon.

So, my dear Addi Lace Clicks, I had high hopes for you.  I dusted off my Icarus shawl that was resting on waste yarn and put the stitches onto your needles.  I knit a few stitches and stopped.   You see, I had been warned about you and your propensity towards an uneven join that catches.  I had even gone so far as to swatch with every set of tips using a fine gauge sock yarn before putting my project onto your needles.  The sock yarn went off without a hitch.  No snagging, no grabbing.  Nothing but smooth knitting.

So imagine my disappointment, dear Addi Lace, when I put my delicate alpaca/silk laceweight upon your needles and encountered major snagging.  I tried to soldier on, knitting a few more rows, but I have reached my limit.  I just can’t continue on.  I will try you again some other time with a yarn that’s not so fine, but for now you are going back into your fancy case.

I really wanted to love you.



P.S.  I would like to extend an apology to my Knitpicks Options needles, which were so rudely cast aside.  Despite a few cord issues, you have always been a good, sturdy set of needles.  I’m sorry I doubted you.


7 Responses to "I wanted to love you"

Thanks for this review. I’ve considered cheating on my KnitPicks options with these, but am now thinking that perhaps monogamy is best. For interchangeable needles, anyway. We won’t talk about my work basket.

I love my fixed Addi circ… but yeah, the KnitPicks are pretty effin cool. I’m not sure anything could beat them.

The fixed circs ARE great, which makes these needles all the more disappointing.

I’m glad it is you suffering from an unfaithful partner and mot I….. 🙂

We’ve had a LOT of probs with Addi Clicks. Just had to exchange a set today because of bad connectors. Stick with what you know, that’s what I always say….

The clicks were the prize that I won in the sock knitting contest, so at least I didn’t pay for them. :-/

I wanted to like them too. For lace, nothing beats the fixed Addi circs. I can deal with minor cord issues for the price though.

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