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Knitting Like Crazy

Posted on: February 10, 2011

I think the knitting drought of 2010 is long-gone.   Lately I have been knitting like a fiend.  Sadly, though, I can’t share any of it with you yet because everything I’ve put on the needles has been for the upcoming arrival of My Girl J’s “pintobean”.  During one of our email converations, J finally realized that there’s a strong possibility that pintobean and LMT could share a birthday.  Nothing gets by her, nosiree!  (I think I may have pointed out this fact when she told me she got a positive pregnancy test.)

So far I have made 2 projects for pintobean, with a third project for him/her on the needles.  After that I think I’ll be making LMT a second Springtime in Hollis.  About a month ago I was folding LMT’s laundry and noticed that her daddy forgot to take her cardigan out of the laundry stack.  So into the washer and dryer it went, out it came – a felted/fulled mess.  I could hear my heart crash on the kitchen floor downstairs after that delightful little discovery.

The weather here along the Gulf Coast  has been bitterly cold, and I have found myself wishing for a pair of mittens, more hats, and scarves.  I love wearing scarves, but I’ve found that I don’t particulary care to knit them.  I think I’m going to have to give in someday and knit a few because my choices are severely limited.  Same goes for hats.

I suppose that sometime soon I need to cast-on my February socks.  I haven’t even given them a fleeting thought with my obsession with knitting baby stuff.  Whoopsie doodles. 

To wrap up this entry, I’ll leave you a picture of one of my birthday gifts.  It’s from the illustrious KnittyKnurse.  Be sure to check the label carefully:

Did you see it?  Yep, this yarn is antibacterial??  I got a good giggle out of that.  I suppose it’s an appropriate gift from a nurse, no?  😉


4 Responses to "Knitting Like Crazy"

Too funny! I’ve heard that bamboo is supposedly antibacterial, too, or some such adjective.

I can’t wait to see the baby goodies….I love knitting for babies too.

That yarn looks DIVINE! The name was almost as good as the safety notice….and thank goodness that KnittyKnurse is looking out for your overall well-being 😉

The yarn looks nice, anti-batterico or not. Let us know how it works up!

(And boo on the shrunken sweater… 😦 )

Yeah, I’m pretty quick on the uptake these days… NOT.

Also – I will totally weave you a scarf!!! 😉

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