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10 random things

Posted on: February 18, 2011

Since I can’t really share any of my current WIPs, I thought I’d post a Totally Random Friday

1.  I love music.  I have a lot of it and listen to it daily.  My iPod usually travels with me everywhere.   My current band obsession is Mumford and Sons.  I have listened to this cd everyday during my drive to work for the past couple of weeks.  Here’s a video of their performance at the Grammy’s – they’re pretty freaking awesome.

2.  I am annoyed that the music industry is heading toward a totally digital catalog.  My local area has lost pretty much all of their cd shops, leaving only the Big Chain Stores who carry about 75-80% fewer cds than they did 10 years ago.  I *like* having cds, and forget the fact that I even own a few albums on vinyl.  Yes, I’m showing my age here.  But damn, if I want new music I don’t want to have to buy it online.

3.  I learned how to crochet ages before learning how to knit.  My Great Aunt Minnie is the one who gave me the crocheting bug.  I credit crocheting/knitting/spinning for bringing me out of my shell.  Pre “fiber arts” stuff, I was a bit of a hermit with few friends.  Now I have a lovely crew of cohorts who I never would have met without knitting, and wouldn’t trade for anything.

4.  I didn’t start drinking coffee until my late 20’s, and now I can’t get enough of the stuff.

5.  I cannot stand tea.  ANY tea.  I realize that this knocks a few points off my “true Southerner” status, but while we’re at it let’s knock off a few more points since I also can’t stand pecan pie.  Or catfish.

6.  I have lived in Texas 30 of my 33 years.   The other 3 years were spent in Oslo, Norway.  (Go figure)  I love the Gulf Coast and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

7.  I have a bit of a crush on Russell Brand and more than a crush on Foo Fighter’s frontman Dave Grohl.  Yeah, yeah, judge if you must.  Dave is HOT!

8.  I sang in the choir in both middle school and high school.  In high school we had Pepto-Bismol pink dresses that were completely hideous.

Betcha can’t spot me in the giant sea of Pepto-puke.

9.  I can whip up some serious Syrian food, and usually do so with my brother every Easter.  Some of my fondest memories come from my Nanny & Jitio’s kitchen, cooking Syrian food with the *entire family* for at least one holiday a year.  I look forward to teaching Little Miss Texan and her cousins the art of Syrian cuisine.  The rule in the family is that if you’re old enough and you like eating it- you have to learn how to make it.

10.  I am the type of person who requires at least 8 hours of sleep every day.  I have not had a solid 8 hours since before the arrival of LMT, which means that I am pretty cantankerous most days.  The ubiquitous “they” say that you get used to having less sleep.  I’m still waiting…because it hasn’t happened yet.


5 Responses to "10 random things"

WOW, that is a lot of pink…..

I agree with number two totally! I hate having to order CD’s if the local big box stores don’t have what I want. Yeah, I’m kind of an instant gratification gal when it comes to music.

Number nine sounds yummy. I love new foods and may have to have some cooking lessons.

You have also inspired me to post some tidbits too….

PS – I can’t wait to see the cardigan….

Hahahaa I can spot you! Mostly because I was kind of with you almost all day every day through those years… gawd I hated that dress.

The year my sister started high school they retired the pink dresses and went to purple and black. They were still pretty horrid, but at least the colors were better 😉

That is a bee-you-tiful dress. You should wear it more often. It brings out the…pepto out of the stomach!

I NEED ceedees. Since my current favorite band isn’t available on iTunes in this country, it’s the only way to get my fix.

(Besides, I’m too damn old to change my way of listening again. I still have all my vinyl copies of stuff.)

Your choir dresses remind me of what the Symphony chorus was wearing when I first joined. (Think your dress in iridescent burgundy, and then picture it on a 60-year old woman.) What a relief the black tank dress was after that… yeesh.

I agree about CDs (despite the fact that I love my iPod Touch). Knitting did the same thing for me (the whole shell thing.. 😉 ).

Why are high school music outfits so hideous? They didn’t seem THAT bad at the time. 😉

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