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30-day song challenge – day 10

Posted on: April 7, 2011

A song that makes you fall asleep…

When I decided to do the 30-day challenge, I said I was going to fill out a song for every day.  Until today.

See, I can’t sleep with music.  AT ALL.  It gets into my brain and it’s all I’ll focus on.  TV?  Sure, I can tune that out.  No problem.  Put the TV on a station that’s playing music?  I won’t go to sleep.

So today’s is blank.  Sorry. 

Here’s a picture of LMT instead…

This is when she was just born.  Just look at the sweet widdle sumo baby.  She’s not so little now.  I can hardly believe she’ll be a year old at the end of the month.



1 Response to "30-day song challenge – day 10"

I can only fall asleep to music after a certain event…..otherwise I am just like you. I start thinking about all their other hits and then I’m racing around in my mind for other songs….make it stop….

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