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30-day song challenge – day 30

Posted on: April 27, 2011

When I started the 30-day song challenge, I didn’t realize that it would end on April 27th.  How appropriate that it would ask this today:

Your favorite song at this time last year…

One year ago today I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl, my Little Miss Texan.  The song I used to sing to her when I was carrying her is Everlong by the Foo Fighters.

“Hello, I’ve waited here for you


Truer words could not be found.  I waited a lifetime for you.  Happy birthday, my sweet LMT.  Your Daddy and I have never laughed, worried, cried, or loved so much until you came along.


4 Responses to "30-day song challenge – day 30"

Aww, I’m tearing up. But then I’m 36.5-weeks pregnant and quite hormonal. 😉

It was hard not tearing up while writing the post…and I’m most definitely NOT pregnant. 😉

Happy belated birthday to LMT! Your lives will never be the same…ask me how I know…

Hope you had a happy birfday, LMT!!! Lots of love from the east….

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