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Start-itis – I have it.

Posted on: May 27, 2011

From this moment on I am going to stop apologizing for the crappy iphone pictures.  These days they’re all I’ve got time for, and it’s better than nothing.  😉

So…I kinda have startitis.  Ok, maybe more than kinda.  I have a full on case of it.  Here’s a sampling of what I’ve got going on.

1. Realta afghan

2. Frank’s Little Cables aka “Hubbster’s socks”

3. Springtime in Hollis for the new little Pintobean.  This one just needs buttons and an i-cord.  The i-cord will be made from some coordinating yarn that I spun on the wheel.   Whatever yarn is left over will probably go towards matching hats for Pintobean and her big sister.

4.  I also started knitting a sample for one of my LYSes using this yarn:

YarnLuvinLizzy’s cashmere/silk cobweb lace.  At first I tried getting it to work with Knitty’s shipwreck shawl, but I just wasn’t happy with the look.  I gave it a pretty good effort, going so far as to knit 70 rounds of the pattern.  (Translation: I was in denial, yet stupidly kept knitting.)  So, it came off the needles today and I will use the yarn to knit the Emily Dickinson shawl instead.  I think it’ll be a much better fit.  I have also offered to still knit the shop a shipwreck shawl, only with heavier yarn.  So YarnLuvinLizzy is going to dye up a batch of her merino/silk/silver yarn for the project.

See?  I’ve gone and lost my mind!  I’ve got 7 projects either in the works or in the planning stages.  Someone send the men with the large butterfly nets to come and collect me.


11 Responses to "Start-itis – I have it."

When the men with the butterfly nets are done with me, I’ll send them your way 😉

Much obliged. 😉

Repeat after me.

Knitting is not the boss of me.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Knitting is not the boss of me.

You both need to wait…they are FAT too busy with me to be bothered with ya’ll…..but if they will send women to replace them I can let them tend to your issues….. 🙂

*bwhahahaa* LOVE THIS!

See? You gots the sock mojo back again….

Eh, sort of. The Hubbster was asking for new socks, so I half heartedly agreed to make him a pair.

Start-itis is a problem???

Uh…I think it’s starting to become one. Before I know it, I’ll be buried under a pile of half-completed projects.

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