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Still knitting

Posted on: July 7, 2011

Yes, I’m still knitting.  Here’s some proof (color is more accurate in the first photo).

Pattern: Emily Dickinson

Yarn: YarnluvinLizzy cashmere/silk cobweb lace

Three things I discovered about this pattern:

1.  Knitting with beads is kinda fun (I used the crochet hook method).

2.  Knitting with cobweb lace is kinda NOT fun.  Ok, more than kinda.  I hated it.  I’m not too keen on yarn that will float away if there’s a good breeze.

3.  Know what sucks more than binding off 513 stitches?  Casting on 513 stitches.  This was my first bottom-up shawl and I enjoyed watching the rows get shorter and shorter as I progressed.

There are also a few more projects cooking – although nothing really worth posting about.  Still working on Hubbster’s socks, I’m making myself a pair of jaywalkers out of hot pink and black String Theory yarn (love!!!), and I just downloaded the Streamside cardigan pattern.  Hopefully I’ll have some Tour de Fleece pictures tomorrow.  It’ll be my last day of vacation and I’m keeping LMT home with me for some mommy/daughter time.  How could I resist spending my last day of vacation with such a cutie-patootie??


3 Responses to "Still knitting"

Cobweb is a major PITA. Bottom-up shawls, however, ROCK. Yes, the cast on takes forever (especially if you’re like me and can’t count the same number twice) but binding off a mere handful of stitches is worth the headache.

Yep, I definitely am “counting challenged”. I ended up putting markers every 25 stitches or so to help keep me on track with the cast on.

lace weight is scary. cobweb is down right horrifying! 😉 However… the shawl is lovely and the little one is cute! 🙂

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