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Gauge, I don’t need no stinking gauge!

Posted on: August 24, 2012

You know that little voice that sits in the back of your mind?  The one who says

Psst!  I think your gauge is a little off!

The voice that you mostly ignore?  Well I should have listened to the little voice sooner because my second spot check sock is, ahem, a bit more narrow than the first.  So narrow, in fact, that I cannot get it onto my foot/leg.

You can see how much wider sock #1 is on the bottom.  Whoops!

So either I’ve picked the wrong size needle, or I’ve suddenly become a super-tight knitter.  Either way I have found myself back at the cuff again.  Sigh.  😦


5 Responses to "Gauge, I don’t need no stinking gauge!"

Wow. I’m always impressed by your tenacity. Things like that end up in my ufo pile. Once I have to frog something, I get so discouraged that I usually never recover.

I’ll admit, I’m not sure when I’ll pick it back up. I just finalized my yarn/pattern combo for SSSOSSS and I feel a wicked case of start-itis coming on.

Huh. When I frack up the gauge, you get a pair of socks. Funny how that works. 😉

So, uh, do you have a hankering for knitting any more colorwork socks? I could use another pair. 😉

After I finish the Space Invaders Sweater ‘O DOOM I might be all colourworked out for a while 😉

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